This legal community is CALSO's trusted network of legal support for innovative tech startups developing models to solve social and environmental challenges: elderly care, disabilities, health, mobility, homelessness, etc. We at CALSO believe new technologies are a powerful and high-potential tool to address the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time. Le Comptoir de l’Innovation (“CDI”) finances, supports and promotes the development of the social entrepreneurship sector in France and in the world. CDI offers a wide range of solutions to all types of organizations (financial institutions, corporations, public authorities, etc.) willing to foster innovative social projects and high-impact social initiatives. Tarmac is a partnership between CALSO, CDI and PARISOMA in San Francisco, a landing pad for foreign (social) entrepreneurs who want to expand their business in the U.S. and explore development opportunities in the Bay Area. During a three month program, Tarmac provides entrepreneurs access to information about different legal immigration opportunities, and helps find housing for them and their employees. Once landed, Tarmac guarantees entrepreneurs a privileged access to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs as well as access to a dedicated co-working space, classes and friendly meetings among a network of 450 entrepreneurs at events and workshops.